Real Active Women – it’s who we are, it’s in our DNA and it’s the raw in raw gear. We’re passionate about making quality cycling gear that’s designed by women riders, for women riders.

Whether you’re just starting out or training hard for your next target event, raw gear is for every woman who rides. Making cycling gear that women of all shapes and sizes can feel good wearing is what drives us.

Three women road cycling in raw crew cycling jeseys

We know first hand the benefits of getting out there on a bike, the sense of achievement in riding further or climbing higher than you have before. We know the motivation that a post-ride coffee with friends can be on those mornings when it’s hard to get up. We know that the early morning ride can be your only "me time" all day and that’s why you’re up before dawn. We know that the benefits of riding are not only physical but also mental and the value of friendships forged on the road and on the trail with likeminded women.

raw gear is for every woman that gets out there on two wheels and has a go. Whether you’re riding to win or riding to be better than yesterday, we’re creating women's cycling gear for you.